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Total Hoists and Cranes specializes in crane runway system design, installation, repairs and inspection. Our team can survey your runway system to make sure that is compliant with current standards. Total Hoists and Cranes can put a full maintenance, rectification and inspection system in place for safe operation into the future. Years of experience, training and in-house professional understanding of the dynamics of a good runway system that must withstand a great deal of movement and flexibility.

Runway systems are a reliable system and are often not thought about when it comes to maintenance. Runways are subject to vertical stress, horizontal stress, impact loads, pulling and lifting, sub soil conditions (sinking footings), thermal expansion and environment issues. Crane operations (duty class) can greatly affect the system if they are not matched correctly. Poor runway rail joints, crane skewing forces, incorrect operation and incorrect alignment of rail all place extra force on the runways. Of all structural elements in a building, crane runways are among the most susceptible to failure. We inspect our cranes at regular intervals but give the runway system no thought at all until there is a fault with the crane that can be linked to the runways. Runway problems can be avoided by having good inspection systems and correct alignment put in place.

Good maintenance practise starts with a base line in which to monitor your systems. Australia standards recommends that every 2 years and later life it may reduce to 12 or 6 months (AS1418.18 9.3 FREQUENCY OF INSPECTIONS). We would recommend that you start with runway survey. The survey should include spans, heights, eccentric between rail and beam, straightness in horizontal and vertical plane. Other items that need to be considered include a visual inspect of rail and joints, rail fastening system, all fasteners, beam ties, stubs, columns and grouted joints. Non destructive testing (NDT) may need to be used if the runway system has any cracks or paint around the welds shows signs of fatigue. If you wish to discuss further you should contact Total Hoists and Cranes to arrange a site survey and inspection.

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